We have redecorated!

We have been working hard on many new and very exciting changes for Hyper Expert. The first, and most obvious one is the new main site redesign. We are hoping the new design brings better and simpler navigation and seamless product browsing and checkout experience. While at it, we also redesigned our user portal. The previous user portal has gotten a lot of positive feedback, but we wanted to take it to a whole new level with extra focus on simplicity and better integration with the main site.

Unlike the previous portal, existing users can now add more resources without having to leave their portal account. The improved support system is now much simpler and easier to navigate. Users can also send an email and the system will automatically open a ticket for them.

We also squashed many small bugs and improved on exisitng features. We are very excited about these new changes and hope you will enjoy them too.

If you have any comments or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us or come and hang out with us in our Discord channel.