RESOLVED: Which passwd for the console?


I usually SSH in, but I’m about to work on some network settings and wanted to make sure I have access to the noVNC console in case I bork something.

Which passwd do people use for access to the noVNC console? In my case, there’s:

passwd for access to
passwd for the VPS (OS) root
passwds for OS usernames

Or is there a noVNC-specific passwd I forgot to write down, perhaps?

I went to the discord channel to ask, but it’s not exactly, um, very “support oriented”…

Update: I take that back - @ali helped me on the discord channel, apparently when logged into the web portal, if noVNC asks for password, something’s wrong.

I powered off the machine and turned it back on using the portal

Note: power-related commands via SSH do not fully reset the VM in regards to the portal.

After restarting it (in that way) noVNC did not ask for a password at all.

Came back to update this in case someone else has the same problem. May the world benefit from my anguish.