November Update: Colocation, Web Hosting, and more

Hello everyone, there is a lot to unpack in this update and there will be more details posted in this Blog within the next few months.

Since 2017, and with the help of this awesome community, Hyper Expert has been steadily growing and becoming everyone’s friendly and reliable VPS provider. After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, we are very happy to announce that Hyper Expert is now a Tier 2 technology service provider. This means that we are cutting out the middle man and becoming our own colocation and internet connectivity provider. This new change will provide larger, faster, and even more redundant internet and colocation services while keeping the same affordable prices for everyone.

We had to make a lot of internal changes for this to happen so we also spun up a new sister LLC called Hyper Expert Solutions and brought 2 new faces to the team: Justin, our network guru who’s very hard working and doesn’t remember the last time he got a good night sleep, and Jeff, the new technology genius. We will also begin our new hiring process for Sales and Sales Engineer positions soon so make sure you check out our new Careers page.

We also have a new service location in the Westin Building in the heart of Seattle and a toll free phone number that will be posted on the site soon.

Did I mention we’re bringing back Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans? Technically, they have always been here, we only stopped offering them to new customers and now they are coming back, in addition to new public services such as: offsite backup plans, consulting and managed services, IP transit, network connectivity, BGP sessions and peering, and more. All ran behind Enterprise Juniper Edge hardware and Arista and Cisco switches for high bandwidth network distribution.

Last but not least, there will be a new site design published within the next few days that will replace the current one and reflect all the new changes.

As always, we are all very excited about this new milestone and look forward to working with everyone and continue providing the same excellent service you all know and love. :beers:


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Cool, congrats on the launch!

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exciting stuff! :clap:

Update posted here: Colocation, Web Hosting, Backups, and more