BitHacked Script (BHScript)

BHScript based off JavaScript, but with a few changes, here-and-there, can be used to execute unsafe code in its sandboxed environment, able to import functions via the globals parameter when initializing, as well as the ability to to run multiple scripts after another or at the same time using setTimeout etc, and the ability to access the internal global from outside the script.

Unsupported features:

  1. async/await
  2. function generators, ie: function* …
  3. yield, import, export, continue, debugger
  4. string templates, ie: `this is a ${color} shirt`
  5. labelled statements
  6. classes
  7. super function for classes
  8. meta property: (for functions initiated with new)

Object declaration shortcut:

let a = "this is a test";
let obj1 = { $a: 2 };
let obj2 = {};
obj2[a] = 2;
// obj1 and obj2 -> { 'this is a test': 2 }

BHScript IDE
BHScript Files
NPM Module for BHScript

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