Awesome new changes

You may have already noticed the new layout changes that were recently pushed out to everyone. A new login page, updated cart page, portal account facelift, and more. Everything was made to nicely integrate and flow together without having to browse into multiple different new pages with different, and sometimes, outdated layouts, and different accounts. You now login to a single account and be able to manage all of your services, VPS’s, and Dedicated Servers from a single location.

Updated cart page

But it is not all about interface changes, I would like to discuss all the new awesome backend changes as well, and there is a lot:


Aside from the new visual changes, all new VPS plans are better optimized to handle higher CPU and I/O loads and perform better under constant high resource utilization. They can also automatically avoid resource abuse and noisy neighbors. Every plan has been carefully fine tuned to better handle resource allocation.

You can now enjoy a simpler and cleaner OS reinstallation process, or if you would like to manually install your OS, you can select your ISO from a newer a better maintained list. If you can’t find an ISO in the list, reach out to support and we will be more than happy to make it available to your account.

Finally, and most importantly, all new VPS plans now have unlimited bandwidth :heart_eyes:

If you have had a VPS with us in 2017 or 2018, you already know we used to offer unlimited bandwidth then stopped doing so due to bandwidth abuse. Ever since then, if you run out of your monthly bandwidth your VPS will get automatically suspended until your next billing cycle. However, bandwidth limits are now handled differently. Starting with all new plans, if you reach your monthly bandwidth limit your VPS will keep running under a lower capped upload and download speeds. The capped speed limitation will then automatically get lifted starting with your next billing cycle.

Updated Bandwidth Metrics

The new unlimited bandwidth option only applies to new purchases. If you’ve already purchased a VPS before these new changes, please open a ticket with support and we will convert your existing plan to unlimited bandwidth.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server plans are also receiving a huge front end update this month. Dedicated server management options have always been very tricky and not easy to maintain and navigate due to the various server hardware. It has always been a struggle for new customers to navigate different options or easily reload their operating system. We are hoping to resolve a lot of these issues with the new dedicated server interface. Users can now easily find their server information and log on to a private session to manage their server or reload their OS, all within the same portal page and without having to go back and forth between multiple management pages.

This new interface will slowly roll out to everyone this month starting with the New York location first.

But that’s not all…

With the new unified interface, managing your services have never been this easy. We are constantly working on introducing more features and simplifying the user experience part of managing your server. Please stay tuned for more and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions to make managing your server experience even better.

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The new changes sound amazing, can’t wait to try them out!

Nice work, new updates look fantastic. Can’t wait for the new backup solution!

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Thank you. Backup plans are coming soon :slight_smile: