Automatic billing

You can turn on automatic billing for your VPS so you never have to worry about manually making monthly payments. To do so, go to your new unpaid invoice from your dashboard (it can also be found under your billing section).

Select PayPal as your payment method then click “Autopay with PayPal”

This will open a new PayPal page that will walk you through setting up your monthly automatic payments for that specific VPS. In order to check your automatic payment status, select your VPS plan under your portal account and look under “AUTOPAY STATUS”, it will either say “Not Setup” or “Enabled”

You will also get a reminder on your invoice if you have auto pay enabled to prevent double payments. If you end up making a manual payment and auto pay kicks in, you will automatically get credited the extra payment.

Lastly, you can also add additional funds to your account balance instead of setting up auto pay, the system will automatically try using your available funds on your invoice’s due date.